Half Helmets VS Full Face Helmets: Are You Willing to Compromise Safety for the Coolness

Half Helmets VS Full Face Helmets: Are You Willing to Compromise Safety for the Coolness

The only thing mandatory about motorcycle riding in most regions is the use of helmets, and you should put one on even if it’s not mandatory in your area. There are a lot of bikers who go for the coolness of riding and neglect the essential lid on the head, which unfortunately does not fare well every time.

There are four kinds of helmets in general: full face helmet, half helmet, ¾ open face helmet and a modular helmet. Full face helmets and half helmets seem to be the helmet of choice for riders around the world, so we are going to discuss these in this article.

Choosing the right helmet can be easily solved by asking these two simple questions:

  1. “How much weight do you want on your head?”

  2. “Are you willing to compromise safety for the coolness and open air of freedom?”

Half Helmets and Full Face Helmets are completely opposite of each other. The half helmet is specifically designed for the purpose of free riding, while the second is designed for safety. It’s all about the preference of the rider.

But if you are seriously curious about the pros and cons of these helmets, you have come to the right place. Here, we have dissected the pros and cons of these helmets so that riders can decide the best choice for them.

Pros and Cons of Half Helmets

Different types of half helmets

Some different types of half helmets – that look really cool!


  • Riding is all about feeling the air. Motorbike riding is associated with freedom. Half helmets do justice on that end. You can ride with the wind on your face while also having a strong lid on your head, which does not add much weight.
  • Even the most ventilated full face helmets fail to maintain the coolness of the head while riding in the heat. We have all been there—that feeling of suffocation when the ride is long in the hot summer, making it almost impossible to bear that unnecessary weight. Yes, the weight does feel unnecessary during those moments.
  • Given that you choose one that fits your head right, half helmets are super cool to look at. It does not add much weight and avoids unnecessary bulk.
  • You don’t have to take off your helmet every time you need to talk or take a swig of a refreshing drink.
  • It is easy to turn your head around, and with time, it will actually feel like it’s a part of your head.





  • The major problem with these half helmets is safety. As it leaves most of the face open, you might face some serious injuries should you land face first in an accident.
  • As your face is left open, you will have a hard time on dusty roads. Dust and smoke will cover your face instantly, and you will need to watch out for any flying objects like gravel and pebbles coming at you while off-roading.
  • Half helmets are not weather friendly. Rainy seasons will come off harsh and the winter will be worse, with your neck and face exposed to the numbing cold breeze.


Pros and Cons of Full Face Helmets

Full Face helmets

Full Face helmets, build with safety in mind!


  • You get full protection from these helmets. The helmets cover your cheeks and features a chin-bar protect your face. Modern day full face helmets feature sturdy anti-scratch face shields, further boosting the safety features.
  • You will be able to get around comfortably even in harsh weather conditions. Neither the winter nor the rain should be a problem for you. Of course, it’s best to avoid riding entirely in unfriendly weather conditions.
  • With the right size, you do not have to worry about the helmet flying off even at high speeds. It’s definitely safer than half helmets, whether it’s just to ride around or to try out some stunting.
  • Due to its larger surface, you could add all kinds of designs to go with your personality, so it doesn’t have to be just a full lid on your head.


Motorcyle racing helmet



  • Full helmets cover a large area and could get tough to even turn your head. You will need to take off your helmet every time you need to talk to someone. Even then, talking may not be a problem since you can open the face shield, but hearing will certainly be. Plus, you will need to take off your helmet every time you need refreshment.
  • Riding with these helmets can get really uncomfortable, especially in the heat. Despite the advertised ventilation systems, you are bound to feel suffocated and it will get too hot for your head while riding for long hours.
  • You might feel strains on your neck.
  • You will certainly be missing out on that proper feel of riding. The feeling of open air is something every rider must experience.

So What’s The Verdict – Half verses Full Face Helmets

It’s tough to point out one of the two completely different helmets as a superior product. It all comes down to the preference of the rider. If you are a stunt man and regularly ride at top speeds, then a full helmet is a wise choice.

Safety should definitely be a first priority. Plus, it will get you through unfriendly weather conditions without having to sideline your motorcycle and seek shelter.

However, as important as safety is, the openness of half helmets sure provide that extra bit of comfort. The way it easily becomes a part of the head is another plus point. Granted, safety is not optimum, but if you are an occasional cruiser and ride for the sake of riding, you should have no problem opting for a half helmet.

Do not let the attractive design coax you into buying the wrong kind of helmet. The prices of both helmets vary accordingly depending upon the company, design, features and so on. Make sure that you properly weigh in the pros and cons with your requirements in a helmet before choosing one.

Riding safe is what matters, but so does that freeing feeling of riding. My advice is to own at least one of each so that you can take one out depending upon the kind of riding you will be doing on the day.

What do you think? Do you like the super cool half helmets? Or, if you are like me, since becoming a Dad, only use the full face helmets. (I know) Lets us know in the comments.



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