The Top-Rated and Ranked Badass Motorcycle Helmets

The Top-Rated and Ranked Badass Motorcycle Helmets

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The word “badass” is part of every biker’s vocabulary. Although, not all bikers, seem to merit its application.

While there are a lot of things that go into being an awesome rider, one of the most important is a matter of style.

Badass motorcycle helmets can give you that undeniable punch of awesome. And the best ones will do this while fulfilling a lot of practical requirements, like safety.

Top-Rated and Ranked Badass Motorcycle HelmetsPriceRating
Bell Rogue Helmet$$$4/5 rubber chickens
Bell Bullitt Retro Full Face Helmet$$$$4/5 rubber chickens
Shark Evoline Series 3 Helmet$$$$5/5 rubber chickens
BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-face Motorcycle Helmet$$4/5 rubber chickens
TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet With Integrated Blinc Bluetooth$$$4/5 rubber chickens

A truly killer helmet should fit right, look right, and work right.

Below are five of the badest and yet some of the most affordable motorcycle helmets you can get today.

Bell Rogue Helmet
Bell Rogue Helmet

Bell Rogue Half Size Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large)
  • Lightweight composite shell. 3 shell and EPS sizes for a personalized fit
  • Durable, adjustable Muzzle features removable liner. Fid Lock magnetic connection for easy muzzle...
  • Removable/washable interior. Convenient speaker pockets
  • Stainless steel D-rings and metal badges. Industry-leading Five-year warranty

Best Badass Half Helmet

The Rogue Helmet is styled to live up to its name: reminiscent of a rogue warrior traversing the “Mad Max” landscape, it’s available in several finishes including your basic black. 

It comes with Bell’s five-year warranty and is DOT-approved for safety. The plastic muzzle can be removed for open-face riding, and the liner is washable.

It comes in range of sizes from XS-2XL with a $$$ price tag.


  • Fairly comfortable
  • Good, sturdy build
  • Unique muzzle design


  • Can get stuffy on the scalp on hot days
  • The muzzle is not always easy to get fitted


This is one badass helmet, no two ways about it. The styling is really much of what sells this product, although you may be interested in it as well if you want a convertible three-quarter-to-open-face helmet specifically.

Either way, its looks are so cool that it’s sure to make you a head-turner—and it won’t shortchange you where safety’s concerned either.

Just don’t expect the muzzle to do much for your face if you tumble facedown; it’s really more to protect your mug from flying debris while on the road.

Bell Bullitt Retro Full Face Helmet
Bell Bullitt Retro Full Face Helmet

Best Badass Retro Helmet

The Bell Bullitt Retro Helmet offers inimitable retro styling, with its ultra-low profile and “humped” eyeshield. A reinvention of the Bell Star, it is DOT certified and comes with a thick EPS liner, metal mesh vents, removable shaped cheek pads, and built-in space for speakers.

It costs about the mid 3 figures and comes in matte titanium, blue, white, matte black, and racing-stripe color options.


  • Very well made
  • Lining is comfortable and soft
  • Unique style despite being retro-inspired


  • Price
  • Can feel a little snug on some heads


This is one of the most badass helmets out there based on appearance alone. The Bullitt will get you looks wherever you go and, most importantly, happens to be a joy to wear if you get the sizing right.

The only real gripe most will have here is the price, although it should be said that this is probably to be expected for a helmet of this high level of quality.

Shark Evoline Series 3 Helmet
Shark Evoline Series 3 Helmet

Best Badass Modular Helmet

A modular helmet, the Shark Evoline Series 3 Helmet can be used in open-face (three-quarter) or full-face mode. This is achieved by the swinging chin bar, which can be rolled up and snapped into the back of the helmet.

It has two visors: a clear outer one and a tinted inner one (the sun shield). It has DOT certification as well and comes in sizes XS-XL.

Expect to pay for this model.


  • Smart chinbar design permits quick, one-handed switch from open to full mode and back
  • Inner sun visor negates need for spare tinted external visors
  • Sleek, sharp looks in both open and full modes


  • Not exactly quiet
  • High cost


The only real downside of the Evoline Series 3 in terms of function is a tendency to be noisier than most of its full-faced peers—but that’s usually the cost of having a modular helmet, as they tend to have more gaps to allow the moving parts to work.

Still, it won’t be as noisy as your average open-face (non-modular) helmet.

Everything else works in its favor aside from the price, including the sharp styling, awesome build quality, and comfortable design.

And as far as the coolness factor goes, there are few things more badass than the suave way this helmet converts from open- to full-face protection.

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-face Motorcycle Helmet
BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-face Motorcycle Helmet

Best Badass Motorcycle Helmet w/ Technology

The BILT Techno is an injection-molded helmet with an inbuilt DWO-3 Bluetooth system. The system can be used to link the rider to various digital conveniences, like his mobile phone, intercom tech, a digital music player, GPS, and more.

It has a clear external shield and a flip-up sun visor and is fully DOT-standard-compliant. Additionally, comes in sizes up to 2XL, and has five different color choices.


  • Aggressive, eye-catching style
  • Convenience of integrated Bluetooth
  • Affordable for its features


  • Suffers from some wind noise


The BILT Techno is a badass-looking helmet that almost seems to take a few style cues from old-school Japanese Kamen Rider hero films. Particularly when the exterior visor is up and the inner one is down.

The integrated Bluetooth gives it special “badassery,” as it means you won’t have to spend extra money just to get a useful function built into your helmet.

BILT’s Techno helmets can actually communicate with each other using this technology, so it can come in handy if you know a friend with the same model.

TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet With Integrated Blinc Bluetooth
TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet With Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

TORC T27B1 FBK M T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth (Flat Black, Medium)
  • 20 percent Smaller with equal protection as the bulky competitors
  • This helmet features significant intake venting and incredible Venturi venting for the rear exhaust
  • One button release mechanism for front chin bar
  • Bluetooth 2. 0 technology allows you to receive and send calls, listen to streaming music in stereo,...
  • ECE and DOT Certified, Meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218

Best Badass Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Another of today’s integrated-Bluetooth helmets, the TORC T27 is a compact and modular helmet influenced by European styling.

The Bluetooth comes with two built-in speakers, a microphone, and glove-friendly controls that are also water resistant.

Available in silver, yellow, and black color options and XS-XL sizing, this helmet costs about $200.


  • Extremely sleek and compact shape
  • Very good build for its price
  • Easy modular switch-up


  • Speaker sound can be obscured at higher speeds because of wind noise


This is one badass helmet; despite costing a couple hundred bucks, it manages to deliver solid Bluetooth and communication functionality, ultra-cool style, and rock-solid protection.

It’s a testament to how well built the helmet is that it looks and feels better than its actual price.


So, which is the most badass buy? It’s hard to say because preferences differ, but the Shark Evoline takes the prize.

The the Shark Evoline’s unique design means that it doesn’t look like a modular helmet when in open-faced mode. And the smoothness with which you can make the switch-up just can’t be matched by standard modular helmets.

It’s badass, yes, but in the most suave of ways. As for runners up, nipping at the Evoline’s heels are the two Bell models because of their memorable, unapologetic style.

Go for the Rogue if budget is your primary concern; that’s ultimately what places it above the Bullitt in terms of second- and third-place rankings.





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