Is It Illegal to Sell a Second Hand Motorcycle Helmet?

Is It Illegal to Sell a Second Hand Motorcycle Helmet?

Here are some common questions folks often ask us about selling and buying second hand helmets.

Can I Sell My Used helmet?

Is it illegal to Sell my Used Motorcycle Helmet on Ebay?

  • no, it’s not illegal

Yes you can sell it on eBay. There are tones of listings on eBay for second hand helmets. However you have to be honest with your listing. To sell second hand and lie about its age and condition, is illegal and immoral.

Is it illegal Sell my Secondhand Motorcycle Helmet on Ebay and lie about its condition?

  • yes, it’s illegal and immoral

The bottom line is it has to be fit for purpose. If the helmet is over 5 years old you can’t sell it for use on the road. A helmet has a life span. It’s now not fit for the purpose of riding on the road.

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Should I buy a second hand helmet of eBay or Gumtree?

  • no – no you shouldn’t

Truth be told, a motorcycle helmet is so essential that you shouldn’t ride without it. If all you can afford is a second hand one on eBay. It’s better than noting. But what is the price of your life?

A head injury can be very serious depending on the degree of crash.

You can’t trade your safety for a cheaper second hand helmet. When someone is selling a second hand helmet online, chances are high there might be a problem with it and they might not tell you.

Is it illegal to sell a second hand helmet without it meeting the required safety standards?

  • Yes, it is illegal to sell a second hand helmet and lie about safety standards

It is illegal for you to sell a second hand helmet that has worn out materials. You should not sell a non-compliant or damaged helmet as a road worthy helmet. It’s extremely dangerous for someone to ride a motorcycle with such a helmet.

The helmet must be sold in good condition, working perfectly and not have expired without declaring it to the buyer.

Is it Dangerous to Use a Second Hand Helmet?

  • Yes, potentially.

The point is you just never know. Bike helmets are not designed to last forever. They wear out over time – depending how a rider uses it.

Some of the factors that cause a helmet to wear out are: UV radiation, rain, temperature and daily use.

We go into more detail about this here:
How long does a motorcycle helmet last?

If the materials in the interior and exterior of a helmet are not in perfect condition, the helmet is not fit for use.

It’s illegal for someone to sell a second hand helmet not fit for purpose. Is it potentially dangerous? Yes, so don’t risk it, always buy a new helmet.

Is a Motorcycle Helmet Disposable?

  • Yes they have life span

This implies that once you use it and its purpose comes to an end, you can’t use it again.

In other words, if a helmet has encountered an impact before, it cannot be capable of withstanding another impact.

In the event of an accident, the outer shell of a helmet breaks and the inner shell gets a depression. What this means is that the helmet can’t be used again.

Are there restriction on new motorcycle helmet sales?

  • Yes, they must be sold as ‘fit for purpose’

Retailers have to sell helmets that are compliant with recognized standards DOT, AS1698, UNECE 22.05, Snell and BSI.

They really have to be compliant. Not fake compliant.

Otherwise they are sold as “fit for purpose”. A non compliant novelty helmet can only be sold as such – a non compliant novelty helmet.

Or a racing helmet must be compliant for that purpose.

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