Best Motorcycle Helmet Storage – Where To Store Your Helmet – That’s Safe and Convenient

Best Motorcycle Helmet Storage – Where To Store Your Helmet – That’s Safe and Convenient

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Where and how to store your motorcycle helmet is something most people overlook. It’s especially true if it’s your first helmet and you don’t know where to start.

So don’t worry. When it comes to motorcycle helmet storage there are several options to consider.

Storage Buyer’s Guide

Proper motorcycle helmet storage is not just about finding an empty shelf. The questions that come to mind are more about convenience and protection. Both these factors need to be addressed when assessing where to store your helmet.

Let’s go through all the things that you need to consider before jumping into the storage options.

1. The Display Option

Ask yourself whether you want to display your motorcycle helmet or not. Do you want to showcase your new stylish helmet?

It all comes down to your preference. To showcase (hell yeah!) or not to showcase (nah!).

2. Protection Factor

Consider whether the place you store your helmet is vulnerable to damage. Is it in direct sunlight, heat, dust and dirt?

If you feel your motorcycle helmet may get damaged, consider a storage method that offers more protection.

3. Frequency Of Use

Some people rarely use their helmets while others use them almost daily. How often will you use your helmet? If you rarely use your helmet, then consider using a storage method that protects it from the elements. Also ensure that the place is well aerated to reduce the chances of mold buildup.

4. Duration Of Storage

How long do you plan to put your helmet away? If you intend on storing it for long periods, such as an entire year. You’re going to need a method that will keep it in good condition.

Don’t simply toss your helmet anywhere. You might return to find it taken over by a family of mice.

5. Location

You can’t just store your motorcycle helmet anywhere. The location needs to be convenient and easily accessible. It equally needs to be a safe location where there is no possibility of theft or damages.

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Motorcycle Helmet Storage Options

Now that you know what to look out for, we need to discuss the various motorcycle helmet storage options. Understand that these are the top options and you have to use the buyer’s guide to decide which option will suit you.

bag to store your helmet

 A Soft Cloth Or Cushioned Bag

One of the safest ways to store your motorcycle helmet is by using a soft cloth or cushioned bag. Most people prefer using this method because you get easy access to your helmet and you could always hang it in your closet.

It is a convenient option for storing your motorcycle helmet because you could always move it and it doesn’t take up much space. Not everyone has sufficient storage space in their home and you need to consider this carefully.

When using a padded or soft cloth bag to store your motorcycle helmet, you could toss in your gloves and glasses. Ensure that you get a high-quality helmet bag especially when you plan on using it frequently.

hooks to hang you backpack with a helmet inside

Racks And Hooks

You could always purchase a motorcycle helmet hook or rack when you need a simple method that lets your helmet air out.

The good news about these hooks and racks is that the design comes with the basic set-ups you need. You get to simply fasten them to your wall and everything is sorted out.

I am sure you may be wondering why you can’t use a nail and get done with it immediately. Understand that a nail will damage your motorcycle helmet and we wouldn’t want that.

Even if it won’t destroy the interior padding by some miracle, it will cause rust over time.

Go For Quality Hooks 

When purchasing the motorcycle helmet hooks and racks, ensure that you spend the extra cash and go for high-quality.

Professional racks and hooks look classy especially when you want to display your helmet.

You also get the option of single or double hooks which is great when you have several motorcycle helmets.

Now, some people combine the padded bag with the motorcycle rack or hook.

You keep your motorcycle helmet in the soft cloth bag and just hang it on your hook.

Granted, you might not get to display your helmet as you expected but you will have better protection.

Custom Helmet Bay

A helmet bay is mostly referred to as a built-in rack because it is simply large enough shelves that you can use to store motorcycle gear.

With a custom helmet bay you can store all the extra goggles and gloves with your helmet.

Since it’s a custom bay you have the option of getting a model that will also accommodate your jackets and clothes.

Equally there are certain models for storing a single helmet while others store two or more helmets.

The custom helmet bay is a good motorcycle helmet storage option for the individuals who have several pieces of equipment and need a centralized place to store everything.

There are several options to choose from and you will always get what will work you.

When you look through the different models, you will come across custom helmet bays that have dividers that ensure you keep all your motorcycle helmets separated.

display hooks

 Helmet Shelf

When you want to use a helmet shelf, you get to choose between two options: a wall shelf or a free-standing shelf.

Both the options are affordable and setup is relatively simple. With the free-standing models, you can carry multiple motorcycle helmets including all the gear that you might have.

The free-standing model takes about ten minutes to assemble and the price is pocket-friendly. You get a lot of functionality since you can store all your motorcycle gear. They are made from durable material to ensure that they are long-lasting.

To get a wall shelf you will needs tools to install it properly. The weight of your helmet is not insignificant and you need to ensure that your wall shelf is installed firmly.

If you are not comfortable with DIY projects then you need to have an expert install it for you.

 Storage Cabinets

Sometimes, you don’t use your motorcycle that often and you want to store it for a long period. your best storage option when you are in such a situation is the storage cabinet.

I prefer using the storage cabinet since it protects your motorcycle element from accidents and dust.

Since you don’t use your motorcycle helmet often, the storage cabinet will also ensure that your room is organized.

Now, when you are not sure of whether you will use your motorcycle helmet soon, then get a steel cabinet. You can also throw in your gloves and glasses together with your helmet and not have to worry about them.

helmet storage locker

Helmet Locker

If you are considering using a storage helmet, then you may also use a locker to store your motorcycle gear and helmet.

Most people prefer a helmet locker to the storage cabinet since you get a designated equipment closet.

A helmet locker will also look good in any room or garage that you decide to put it.

However, it is more expensive than the storage cabinet. If you are on a budget then you should go for the storage cabinet instead.

 The Don’t Do’s

Instead of just looking at the different motorcycle storage options, we must understand the ‘don’ts’ when it comes to helmet storage.

The reason why it is necessary to understand the ‘don’ts’ is so that you don’t end up damaging your helmet.

Hanging Damage

Motorcycle helmets are an investment and most cost a fortune which makes it important to understand everything when it comes to storage.

  • Don’t hang your motorcycle helmet on handlebars

The handlebars will damage the padding and lining of your helmet. Understand that your helmet is heavy and it will compromise the integrity of the interior padding when hanged over handlebars.

If you have done this before, then you also noticed that your helmet seems to fall to the ground often. The constant falling will damage your helmet over time.

  • Don’t use your attic for storage

The attic is not a good place to store your motorcycle helmet due to the high temperatures. There is a lot of heat accumulated in your attic that your helmet may get damaged after a short period. the attic may also be home to insects and animals that could damage your motorcycle helmet.

Where You Store Your Helmet Matters (Alot)

  • Don’t store your helmet near a cleaning solution, paint, or gas tank

The fumes from cleaning solutions, paint and gas tanks react with your helmet’s material and compromise its integrity. You may not notice it at first but after a while, your motorcycle helmet will start to weaken and soon it will break

  • Don’t store your motorcycle helmet near furnaces, heaters, and hot pipes

Yes, most people know that heat will damage their motorcycle helmet, but for one reason or another they seem to assume this fact. The heat will damage the interior of your helmet by melting it slowly over time.

The rubber liner will be degraded and the glues that hold the interior will be greatly compromised.

  • Don’t store your helmet at low temperatures

The cold will have the same effect as heat when it comes to your motorcycle helmet. Cold is, however, considered worse because rodents will move to the warm interior padding of your helmet.

This will result in further damages especially when you rarely use your motorcycle helmet. Mice destroy the interior of your helmet fast if not taken care of immediately.


When you are off riding your motorcycle, the number one priority is protecting your head by using a quality helmet.

This implies that proper motorcycle helmet storage is equally important.

A good storage method will ensure that the integrity of your helmet is not compromised. You can, therefore, ride easy knowing that you are well protected.

It is also worth considering that motorcycle helmets are not cheap and most of the time you end up spending a fortune to purchase one.

Proper storage will ensure that you don’t find yourself in need of buying a new one especially when you are on a budget.

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