Cool Motorcycle Helmet Mohawks – Including Warhawk and other Badass Accessories

Cool Motorcycle Helmet Mohawks – Including Warhawk and other Badass Accessories

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Mohawks have been around for a while now and some people have an odd fascination with them. With these amazing motorcycle helmet Mohawks, you don’t even need to grow a real one.

Your biker cred is definitely going to max up after you accessorize your helmet with a Mohawk.

What kind of Mohawk do you want?

You have two ways to look at it. The first is it is too hard to choose one and the second is that you have a lot of options. From spikes to actual hair looking Mohawks, you can find whatever you want.

Here are some of the most badass Mohawks for you.

Top Choices for Cool Helmet MohawksPrice RangeOur Score
Warhawk/Mohawk Rubber Saw Blade Helmet Accessory Piece$$4/5 rubber chickens
PC Racing Helmet Mohawk$$3.5/5 rubber chickens
Chrome Metal Helmet Mohawk Spike Strip$$4/5 rubber chickens

Warhawk/Mohawk Rubber Saw Blade Helmet Accessory Piece
Warhawk/Mohawk Rubber Saw Blade Helmet Accessory Piece

This rubber made warhawk looks insanely badass. It is remarkably easy to apply and is extremely durable. It adheres with strong 3M tape. The warhawk features 15 blades in total which can be put to point forward or backward depending upon rider’s preference.

It can be used by adults (both gender), kids and everyone who wants to show a little bit of attitude with their helmet. Its total length is 15.5 inches. Feel free to cut it for smaller helmets.

The Pros

  • It is rubber made and durable which will not break unlike some of the cheap plastic materials on the market.
  • The 15 blades length of the Mohawk can be cut accordingly to fit smaller helmets.
  • It has been tested at 200 mph and still held strong so you don’t have to worry about it falling off at high speed.

The Cons

  • The price is slightly costly for a helmet accessory despite its durability and attractiveness.


The warhawk is easy to put on and adds that much needed attitude to your helmet. Since it is rubber made and not metal, you don’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt, instead it will probably work as extra protection for your helmet. The looks you get from everyone with this warhawk alone make it worth the price.


The looks accompanied by strength and durability make it a great helmet Mohawk. However, it is not the only piece in the market and you have a wide range of selections.

Naming a couple of others, PC Racing helmet Mohawk and Chrome Metal Helmet Mohawk Spike Strip are among the best Mohawks with their strong build and attention grabbing looks.

PC Racing helmet Mohawk
PC Racing Helmet Mohawk

If you want a Mohawk that looks natural then this is the one to go for. Well, it’s far from natural but it has been built to look like human hair coming out of your helmet.

It easily attaches to the helmet with peel and stick hook and loop material. It can be used with any helmet. This piece is guaranteed to uplift the attitude of your helmet.

This Mohawk is available in eight different colors, making it fit for both men and women.

The Pros

  • It gives the impression of human hair.
  • It will work on any helmet and has a range of color options.

The Cons

  • As per the complaints, the quality of shipping is questionable and could damage the product to some extent.
  • Since its just fine hair rumbled together, you can’t expect it to be indestructible.


It is not that strong but it looks great with any helmet, provided you chose the matching color. It can be worn by everyone and is available at a decent price.

Chrome Metal Helmet Mohawk Spike Strip
Metal Mohawk Spike Strip

This helmet Mohawk is metal made and is perfect if you want to add some bling-bling to your helmet. The spikes strip looks stunning and putting it on will give you the feel of being a badass biker.

It comes with six small spikes in the front, a long spike and six more short spikes at the back. It can be used for cruiser helmets, cycle helmets and almost anywhere you can make it fit. The attitude will definitely be loud with this piece.

The Pros

  • The metal construction makes it even more badass than its rubber or plastic counterparts.
  • The product is strong and durable.

The Cons

  • Since it is a set of almost pointy metals, children are injury prone to this product.
  • The price for a simple helmet accessory might not sound right for everyone.


You will soon be the talk of the town with this badass piece installed on your helmet. It will fare well even in case of rainy weathers and while riding at high speed. You will feel more confident and your attitude will be screaming more than ever.


All three different types of Mohawks will look great on you, just make sure to choose the right one in accordance with the color of your helmet, design and so on. Weighing in all the pros and cons, top choice would be the Warhawk.

The rubber made Mohawk is excellently constructed and you can be assured of its durability.

Apart from the badass look it gives you, you can use it with almost any helmet and it will fare strong even at high speeds.

Overall, it will last a long time and age well. There could scarcely be a better option at that price.




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