Jason the HawkHey, welcome to my website. My name is Jason (the hawk) Kirkland and I am the creator and owner of Motorcycle Helmet Hawk. I live in the US with my lovely wife and young daughter.

All my life, I have been mesmerized by motorcycles.

As a kid, all I wanted to do was ride motorcycles – I knew the names and technical specifications of every model (.. and I still do). I even knew the difference between BHP and torque before it went to school.

The walls of my room were laden with motorbike posters (much to the dismay of my mother who still worries about me riding a bike!)

Even though I am a 29 year old grown man, my eyes still light up when I see a hog cruising on the street.


Why I Created This Site

As an absolute ardent fan of this lifestyle, I do believe in riding safely and sensibly.

Hence, I decided to create this website to educate readers about motorcycle helmets and general safety.

All my reviews are unbiased and I have actually tried or tested most products extensively before commenting on them.

My website gives me a way to express my eternal love for motorbikes and deep concern for safety.

Hopefully, it will help you to make the right choice of helmet and also educate you on other aspects of motorcycling and biking equipment. And, I hope that it helps to make our roads a safer place.


What I Do Most days

If I could, I would just drop everything, and hop on my bike and explore the world. However, I do need money for my family, and fueling my two-wheelers and hence I work as an IT manager in a corporate firm.

the family - wife and daughter

I do like my job, although I like riding and mountain biking way more. There is one thing that I really dislike about my job though.

I do not like driving to work, I would prefer to ride. However, the weather does not always permit riding and I also have to drop off my daughter to school on the way to work.

So on most days, I am stuck in a metal box on four wheels. I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up and then we can both ride together. I do not understand why people buy cars since motorbikes are so much better in every way.

They are so much more fun than driving, they chew less fuel, are cheaper to buy and maintain, are easier to park, are much more maneuverable and give you that coveted wind in the hair feeling.

Sure, cars do protect you from bad weather but then, why not use cars only during bad weather and ride rest of the time? I do not understand people or maybe I am just different.

My mom thinks I am a little bit crazy. My wife too! My daughter thinks I am awesome! I hope you do too!

What I do on Weekends

Between work and family, I get to ride 😉 and mountain-bike mostly only on weekends. I try to spend as much time as possible on two wheels but my family comes first these days…


Motocross - dirbike fun - hawk style

Occasionally, I get out and let off a bit of steam…


I really enjoy eating out and going to the movies. My favorite genres are action, fantasy and comedy. Many people are surprised when they hear that I like eating sushi. After all, it is not exactly associated with motorcyclists. We are supposed to like red meat and beer – right!.

Sure, I like steaks and burgers too and I do not mid the occasional cold one also.

That’s it. If you have any questions, just get in contact with me through the contact form, I will be glad to answer any questions.

Happy riding!


Dirt bike Fun - hawk finished