Best German Style Motorcycle Helmets – Highest Rated And Most Popular

Best German Style Motorcycle Helmets – Highest Rated And Most Popular

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German style motorcycle helmets are popular among military enthusiasts, collectors and living history re-enactors.

And I am sure it’s because of their popularity that German helmets are produced by numerous motorcycle helmet companies.

These helmets are based on those worn in the times of great wars.

These war-like helmets are produced both as novelty items and real motorcycle helmets equipped with full protection, with the prices varying accordingly.

They are generally half helmets and are great for cruising.

Here are some of the most popular German Style Motorcycle Helmets.

Choose the Best German Style Motorbike HelmetsPrice RangeOur Rating
German Novelty Chrome Silver Motorcycle Skull Cap Harley Cruisers S,M,L,XL,XX (L, Chrome)
German Motorcycle Helmet
$46.504.5/5 rubber chickens

Daytona German D.O.T. Approved
3/5 rubber chickens

Novelty German Chrome
4/5 rubber chickens

German Motorcycle Helmet – Made in the USA with Real Carbon Fiber and Kevlar
German helmet with chrome mesh weave pattern

German Novelty Chrome Silver Motorcycle Skull Cap Harley Cruisers S,M,L,XL,XX (L, Chrome)
  • German Novelty Chrome Silver Novelty Skull Cap Half Helmet S,M,L,XL,XXL

This German style helmet is made in the USA using a unique blend of real carbon fiber and Kevlar.

It is super strong and is capable of handling most kinds of impact.

The performance nylon straps and the fast clipping buckle make sure that the helmet stays on, regardless of high-speed riding.

The helmet is easy to take on and off, and is available in a chrome mesh weave pattern and there are three different sizes to choose from.

What Makes It Good

  • You don’t have to worry about a mushroom-like appearance with this helmet.
  • The mixture of carbon fiber and Kevlar guarantees protection.
  • Its easy fit and chrome design make it a compliment magnet.

Why It’s Not So Good

  • It’s not DOT certified, so it’s not exactly a motorcycle helmet. But the materials used for its construction are among the best out there and is just as safe as any other half helmets.
  • No face shield means you will need extra protection to block smoke, dust or any other object that might fly toward you while riding.


It doesn’t meet DOT standards so, it cannot be legally considered as a motorcycle helmet. But, it does not lack safety and comfort by any means. Plus, its lack of certification means it does not come with that mushroom like appearance.

You will be riding at your own risk, but it looks amazing and you are as safe as your riding skills.


There are many companies that produce German helmets. You have plenty of options to choose from but at the same time, choosing one is tough.

To make it easier on you, here are a couple of other German style helmets that should fit your needs just fine.  

The Daytona German D.O.T. Approved Cruiser Touring Motorcycle Helmet and Novelty German Chrome Chopper Biker Motorcycle Helmet are two helmets to consider for German style helmet enthusiasts.

Daytona German D.O.T. Approved Cruiser Touring Motorcycle Helmet
Daytona German D.O.T.

The German helmet from Daytona is constructed of high-quality gray carbon fiber. It has been designed with safety in mind but does not disappoint in terms of other features, either.

The outer shell has been equipped with a UV clear finish, so it won’t heat up despite long hours of riding in the sun.

The nylon Y-strap makes sure that the helmet stays on. The four different shell sizes allow you the option to ensuring a personalized fit.

Also, it comes with a free head wrap and a draw string cloth bag.

It is available in eight different sizes for the same price, except for the 3x-large and 4x-large sizes which are tagged with a slightly higher cost.

What Makes It Good

  • It has been approved by DOT and is a legal cruiser touring German style motorcycle helmet.
  • It comes with a head wrap valued at $6 and comes with a draw string cloth bag.
  • The Y-strap makes sure the helmet stays on and there are a variety of sizes to choose from.

Why It’s Not So Good

  • It is not low profile and it feels huge.
  • While it is great for hardcore German style enthusiasts, the helmet will make your head look like a mushroom, so it’s not exactly a great look.


The helmet from Daytona is safe and the carbon fiber used has impact dispersion capabilities.

You can cruise for hours and hours at ease without feeling the sun. And, you can wear it without feeling like you are breaking any rules.

Overall, it’s a typical German style helmet and a good buy if that’s what you are looking for.

Novelty German Chrome Chopper Biker Motorcycle Helmet
Novelty German Chrome Chopper Biker Motorcycle Helmet

If you are not overly concerned about safety issues, and just want something comfy to ride around town, this novelty German style chrome chopper helmet is a great buy.

It features an adjustable chin-strap to make sure that the lid stays on your head. It is just a novelty item and is not DOT certified. But, that’s what makes it so cheap.

It is available in five different sizes.

What Makes It Good

  • It is really cheap available at a fraction of the price in compared to the other two.
  • It is well made and comfortable to wear with easily adjustable straps.
  • It’s got a great look to it.

Why It’s Not So Good

  • It is not DOT certified.
  • It’s not for high-speed riding and long hours of cruising.


It’s got a great look to it and looks sturdy for a novelty item. It is available at a great price and you will definitely turn a lot of heads while riding with it.

Keep in mind its cons and ride around with style. It is a great helmet that looks great and is comfortable.

Final Verdict On German Helmets

Any of these German style motorcycle helmets will allow you to fulfill your fantasy of riding with that war-like feeling.

The helmets mentioned above vary in price, design, comfort, and certification. To each his own, and the preferences are going to differ with the needs.

Riders with German styled Helmets

If you are only looking for a helmet to ride occasionally around town and depict some class, you should do fine with the Novelty German Chrome Chopper

But, if you want a certified helmet that assures your safety, go with the Daytona’s DOT approved Cruiser helmet Again, it will not provide that style you might want while also offering the utmost in safety.

So, if you are feeling rebellious enough to opt for the non-DOT approved helmet, go with the first one on the list – the German Motorcycle Helmet – Made in the USA.

My verdict is you should definitely go for this one. (German Motorcycle Helmet – Made in the USA.) It’s slightly pricier than the other two but it comes with better quality and style. You do not have to worry about its safety, despite not being certified.

The Kevlar and carbon fiber blend used is high quality. It does not give you the mushroom look and fits comfortably even at high- speeds. This chrome lid is a definite attention grabber.

Other German Helmets That Might Interested You

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