Top Predator Motorcycle Helmets – Some With Fiber Optic Dreadlocks

Top Predator Motorcycle Helmets – Some With Fiber Optic Dreadlocks

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If you are a motor bike rider then you are already cooler than most. Having a powerful machine not only makes you the center of attention, but also makes you feel confident.

Helmets are for safety and there are hundreds of different designs available on the market.

There are helmets designed depending upon the type of the bike and then there are these amazing Predator Motorcycle Helmets.

You could never go wrong with one of these. It goes without saying that you will feel like a predator yourself. Just don’t scare anyone off.

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Top Predator Motorcycle Helmets ReviewsPrice RangeOur Rating
Kustomzairbrushing Gunmetal Predator Helmet.$$$$$5/5 rubber chickens
Hand-made Alien Predator Motorcycle Helmet by Diehard$$$$4/5 rubber chickens
Custom Predator from Pro Predator Helmet$$$4/5 rubber chickens


Kustomzairbrushing Gunmetal Predator Helmet
kustomzairbrushing preditor helmet


This is one of the best I have found available on the market at present.

The helmet is strongly built and your safety is guaranteed with this beast of a helmet on your head. It features 3 tri-lasers which can be switched on-off.

The front face of the helmet is shaped just like the one from the movie and there are 6 fiber optic dreadlocks attached to the back of its head.

It has been air-brushed and features dot inner shell.

It is available in five different sizes ranging from small to XX-Large.

The Pros

  • It’s a beast of a helmet that is guaranteed to make you the coolest biker in town. From the design to coloring, everything is superb.
  • Five different sizes mean riders of any size can put it on.
  • The tri lasers allow you to experience the cool Hollywood-like laser lighting.

The Cons

  • Some might feel that the size of it might be a bit too large with the alien-like head extending at the back.
  • The price is quite expensive, especially if you are not even a serious biker and are just intending to show off once in a while. You can opt for cheaper versions of the predator helmets.


Gunmetal Predator Helmet has got a beastly design that goes hand in hand with comfort as well as safety. You are definitely riding at the front of the pack with this on.

The price is going to leave a massive hole in your pocket. However, if you are a regular biker and can afford it, you will not regret this purchase. With the helmet alone, you will be an icon in your biking world.


Inspired from the movie series “Predator”, this has been quite popular among bikers.

There is no actual brand tagged company producing these helmets and it’s all custom made.

Due to its massive popularity, there is more competition on the market than you’d imagine.

If you are serious about buying a predator helmet, Hand-made Alien Predator Motorcycle Helmet by Diehard and Custom Predator Motorcycle Dot Helmet are definitely among the best ones to consider.


Hand-made Alien Predator Motorcycle Helmet by Diehard
Hand made preditor Helmets

The full face predator helmet from Diehard is definitely one of the noticeable ones on the market.

Available in silver and light brown color, it features a war like look.

The rugged design made to look like battle wounds looks pretty amazing. It has been air-brush painted and is waterproof.

It’s easy to clean and is much more comfortable than it looks.

Made in Thailand, it has been certified by TIS (Thailand International Standard).

The fiber optic dreadlocks adds extra coolness to it.


The Pros

  • It’s an undoubted attention grabber and its rugged design stands out even among the predator category.

The Cons

  • The price tag might be scary.
  • The company from Thailand works on a made to order basis which means it will take at least 2-3 weeks for the helmet to get made after you have paid for it and another 15-20 days for the delivery.
  • It’s only available in one size, XL.


It’s an amazing looking helmet that will go well with your rough masculinity.

The fact that it looks like the actual head of a predator that’s come back from a war is enough description.

It’s a great buy for $850 and will last you a lifetime if you take care of it.

Also, you will easily succeed in scaring people off, if that’s what you are going for.


Custom Predator Motorcycle Dot Helmet
Pro Preditor helmets


This custom made predator helmet has been made with talented art work and skilled airbrushing.

It is a full helmet certified by both TIS and DOT. The helmet is remarkably comfortable and safety has been prioritized along with its design.

It features a red tri-laser which can be switched on-off. This product is available on made to order basis.

There are wide varieties of color selections offered by Pro Predator Helmet.

The Pros

  • The uniqueness and quality of the product is guaranteed with this product.
  • The wide variety of colors allows you the option to choose as per the color of your bike.
  • The fiber optic dreadlocks look almost real and add that extra touch to your predator look.

The Cons

  • It’s only available on a made to order basis which could take more than a month for the product to be finally delivered.
  • The Amazon description lists that the product is only available in a large size which might not be compatible with all bikers.


With the uniqueness and style that goes hand-in-hand with safety, Pro Predator Helmet is definitely one of the leading manufacturers of Predator helmets. It’s not too large and is available at a reasonable price compared to its counterparts. Whether you are a professional biker or a lone rider, you won’t need your words to impress people anymore.


Predator helmets have been popular for a while now and rightly so. All three helmets mentioned in the list are amazing in their own rights but the difference lies in the comfort, safety and the degree of the predator look.

Number one is Kustomzairbrushing Gunmetal Predator Helmet. It’s bigger than the others and has a much scarier look to it.

You could go for the Predator by Diehard or the Custom Predator from Pro Predator Helmet if you would prefer something a little more subtle.

If you are going to buy a Predator Helmet, you might as well get the best.

The quality, uniqueness and style of Kustomzairbrushing Gunmetal is certainly the best here.




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