Is It Illegal To Wear a Police Helmet?

Is It Illegal To Wear a Police Helmet?

A police helmet can only be worn by a police officer. This is because it’s part of their uniform.

It’s therefore against the law for any individual that’s not serving in the police force to be spotted in an “official” police helmet.

All helmets that are worn by police are branded to make it easy to differentiate them from other look-a-like helmets.

If you are caught wearing such a helmet, you will definitely be arrested for posing as a police officer. You may will end up spending some years behind bars and paying a hefty fine.


Even a police officer can not wear the helmet after retiring from his job. The law clearly states that the helmet is property of the state and a police officer can only put it on while he is still in service.

This means that an officer is also prohibited from wearing such a helmet when he is not on duty.

As long as your helmet is not branded ‘police’, you can wear it as much as you want.


Policeman on bike with helmet on

Arai Brand helmet worn by police – The only difference is the words POLICE


There are laws that have been put in place to prohibit the sale of these helmets.  Most are made by reputable brands with international standards.

The problem is that these brands are available in the market and anyone can buy them. There is only one difference between the helmets that are worn by civilians and those that are worn by police. They are Branded with words “POLICE”

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