What Are The Best Motorcycle Riding Schools? Our Top Riding Schools Reviewed

What Are The Best Motorcycle Riding Schools? Our Top Riding Schools Reviewed

If you’re interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle, there are soooo many schools for you to choose from.

In fact, if you’re a learner, you’re totally spoilt for choice. The best advise is to enroll in a school that’s conveniently located near your home or place of work. The good thing is that you can enroll for part time classes if you have a day job.

The advantage of enrolling into a motorcycle riding school is that you will be taught by experts. Just remember that riding a motorcycle can be risky when you don’t have the skills of staying safe on the road.

Even though you might consider teaching yourself, it is better to learn in a school. This is because you will have unlimited access to learning materials, and experts available to safely guide you through the process.

When you’re looking for a motorcycle riding school, you should settle for the one that has a good reputation. After all, you will not be learning for free.

Below I have listed some of the best rated motorcycle riding schools in North America, each with different skill sets. Even if you have never ridden before the following schools will take your skills to the next level.


Best Motorcycle Riding SchoolsSkill LevelYelp Rating
Pacific Riding School – Surrey, BC, CanadaBeginner - Advanced4.5 Star Rating
American Supercamp - Fort Collins, CO, USALevel 1 - Advanced4.5 Star Rating
California Superbike School - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Level 1 - Advanced5 Star Rating
List of the Best Local Motorcycle Riding Schools
Learner - Advanced Star Rating


Pacific Riding School – BC


Pacific Riding School

Good all round school with very high ratings and customer approval


The Pacific Riding School offers riding courses for every level. They love beginner riders. If your totally new, they focus on gaining skills to pass a road test as a minimum level. Then you move higher with techniques to handle stressful and dangerous situations as well as street strategies derived from US military tactics.

They also offer more advanced lessons that help you remain on top of your game.  The curriculum of the school is updated regularly. This is because their instructors advance their skills on a continuous basis. You can therefore be sure that the lessons are not similar to those that were taught several years ago.

The instructors at Pacific Riding School are renowned legends because the majority of them have scooped championships awards in the past. They don’t just hire every Dick and Harry that has a license. The school goes for riders that have already made a name for themselves.

Their most outstanding trainer includes Mark Kruger, who entered the hall of fame after winning Supersport championship eight times. The school’s curriculum was crafted by Dat Louie, who graduated from McGill’s University. Besides that, their instructors are certified by BMW.

The sponsors of the school include Honda, Kawasaki and BMW Canada. You don’t have to go to the school with your bike because they already have bikes that are reserved for the learners. You will use the school’s bike while learning and for the first road test.

Moreover, every student that enrolls at the school is entitled to a Shoei Quest helmet, Ballistic jacket, and knee and shin pads. As a matter of fact, the school owns the land for the training facility which means they are in business for the long term. When any motorcycle breaks down, it’s repaired within the school compound because the instructors are certified mechanics.

Visit PRS Website Here


Feel Like a Pro Dirt


Feel Like a Pro Dirt Logo


Feel Like A Pro Dirt is a leading dirt-bike riding school dedicated to teaching beginners to professional motorcyclists total bike control.

Founded in 2013 by Brian Bartlow – a successful club racer with more than 30 motorcycle championship title wins spread across 25+ years of riding – the training school is located on a 13-acre ranch in Kelseyville, Northern California, and includes more than 25 training configurations to cater for all riding ability from beginner to the professional.

In previous times Brian owned and operated the similarly named road race rental company ‘Feel Like a Pro’ but sold that business in 2013 to Dave Seyl to focus more on the “dirty” side of things and help bike riders build confidence & learn special techniques to enable better bike control & safety.

Riders at the school learn to control a small displacement dirt bike which allows the riders to work on skills without worrying about horse power or a bike getting too out of control.

An example of the techniques taught at Feel Like A Pro Dirt is learning how to slide a bike using only throttle and braking. It’s a real confidence builder for riders of all disciplines, even the street rider.

*Brian Bartlow is sponsored by Kawasaki and uses the Kawasaki KLX 140 for his training bike of choice.

Visit the Website Here


American Supercamp


American supercamp

Coming from a dirt bike background this is my kind of school


The American Supercamp School has specific lessons for street riders, road racers, flat trackers, motocrossers and supermoto. The lessons are grouped into these categories because the school understands that different riders have different needs. You’re therefore guaranteed of getting the skills in your area of specialization.

Moreover, there are various camps that are held occasionally to help riders advance their skills. However, the school has no lessons for students that have never ridden a motorcycle before.

There is a one day camp that gives the learners to get the Supercamp experience. During this camp, the learners are taken through basic lessons that are taught in each unit. The camp actually showcases a combination of the lessons that can be learnt from the school.

You can check out their calendar on their website for updates on upcoming camps. There is also a two day camp where learners are grouped into three categories based on their levels of experience. On this day, very little theory is taught.

The retread camp takes place after a two day camp and it’s reserved for riders that have participated in previous camps. The school provides riding gear for all students. However, you’re allowed to bring your own gear such as helmet, boots, gloves and pads.

Nonetheless, you can’t come with your own bike to the Supercamp. The school provides motorcycles for all learners. If the learners were to train with their own bikes, then the playing field would not be leveled for everyone. Moreover, students get refreshments and food while at the school.

Visit their Website For More Info


California Superbike School


California Superbike school

California Super-bike School will take your riding skills to new heights


For a start, the California Superbike School doesn’t have classes for beginners. The learners start from level one all the way to level four. At level one, students are taught how to overcome common mistakes that are often made by riders.

Each student has a designated coach that observes their performance and makes recommendations on areas that need improvement. Level two is all about implementing solutions for the visual challenges that are experienced by riders.

Level three has five activities that teach learners on how to approach corners without losing the stability of the bike. At level four, the lessons are different for each student.

The school holds one day and two day camps. During one day camp, the student is allowed to bring his own bike. In fact, those who don’t have their own bikes pay more because they have to hire. The school is very strict on two day camp.

Every participant has to use the bikes provided by the school. The point behind this requirement is that the school has enough spare parts only for its motorcycles.

Visit The Super Bike School Here

Best Motorcycle Riding Schools

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