Can I take a Motorcycle Helmet on a Plane?

Can I take a Motorcycle Helmet on a Plane?

This is a hot topic and there is a lot of talk about what to do. So much so, we decide to do a post and show all points of view.

Many have pondered the question.

Can you take a motorcycle helmet on a plane?

  • The short answer is ‘yes’

Yes, you can travel with a motorcycle helmet.

The best place is in the cargo hold as checked in baggage

OK! I know some of you are now screaming Nooo.. don’t do that! That’s the worst idea ever. “Those baggage handler are so rough and you never know it could get damaged.

That’s totally true, but read on, we’ll explain why.

Check-in vs Carry-on

There are a wealth of landscapes and roads to explore in the world, and sometimes you need to choose that dream destination.

To enjoy those great moments you will need to bring along your riding gear.

So what’s the best way to do that?

Check-in the Helmet

To avoid any confusion when dealing with different airline company’s and their different layers of staff, our advise is to check-in your helmet and have it ride in the cargo bay.

(But!)… you need to take some precautions and plan ahead.

Pack the helmet securely inside a suitable size box

This means packing it carefully.

  • Completely wrap the helmet in bubble wrap
  • Place inside a fitted box with the box corners packed with more bubble wrap or newspaper, old shirts anything to keep it padded
  • Then tightly seal the box with tape on all 3 axis’s to keep the box from busting during transit

Check-in will save you from finding yourself in a quagmire asking the airplane people if you can take your motorcycle helmet on the flight?

Carry On With You

With many companies offering rental motorbikes these days, you don’t have to carry everything.

However it’s often better to bring your own.

Wearing the entire kit onboard has always worked and then the helmet in a back pack, stowed under the seat between the legs.

Avoid the overhead locker to stow your helmet. I’ve heard of them falling out when a passenger opens the door.

A six foot (2m) fall onto a hard surface is not something you want happening to your helmet.

In our opinion, you just never know whether the plane you booked allows you to bring along a motorcycle helmet.

You need to inquire with the plane authorities and find out what rules govern this that and the other.

Just to ascertain whether you’re allowed to carry it onboard with you.

It’s just not worth the hassle.

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Tips For Traveling With A Motorcycle Helmet

Get the Check-in Right

If you are going to check-in your helmet, make sure it’s packed securely.

  • Bubble wrap the helmet
  • Fit inside a box and pad helmet with more bubble wrap
  • Tightly wrap with tape on all 3 sides to prevent busting

If it does get “dropped”. If you pack it this way, the helmet will be fine.

Get the Right Carry-on

Most airlines will let you bring along a carry-on bag at no cost.

If you want to carry your helmet as your own personal hand-luggage, you can place it in a padded helmet bag, then packed inside a backpack to be carried on as hand luggage.

Most likely there is a size limit for the standard luggage you bring on board a plane. The good thing is that you can arrange for special oversize luggage, however this will cost you.


It’s wise to pre-book for different destinations. Keep in mind an airline can deny any non-booked special luggage, especially if there is no room to accommodate it.

If you don’t want to travel in your motorcycle gear, it’s a great idea to book in advance.

You’ll also figure out how to save more and find ways to enjoy your flyer miles. You might find you can get discounts on your luggage.

Show up Early

If it’s the first time you’re bringing your motorcycle gear onboard a plane, make sure you show up early. There’s a lot of security screening involved in most airports, and you don’t want to mess up by being late.

To Sum It Up

Don’t have any reservations bringing a motorcycle helmet onboard an aircraft. You will need to adhere by set regulations and be cooperative.

It’s not hard to fly with your motorcycle gear regardless of your destination.

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